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I am a dairy lover and I tried everything to prevent the bloating and gas : heating up the milk, adding spices, etc. Nothing worked for me.
Then I read about dairy, and realized two things, one, it's really bad for health. Do your own research. Keywords: dairy, milk, cheese, insulin, osteoporosis.
The other thing is, the reason why we don't tolerate lactose, is that our body as we become adults produce much less lactase, the enzyme that breaks down the lactose into harmless digestible foods. So unless there's a natural way to remove the lactOse beforehand, or boost our body to produce more lactAse, you'd have to limit your consumption to what your body can tolerate, or supplement with lactase.

Lactaid IS very expensive, maybe because it's the most popular. I tried 'Natural Factors, Lactase Enzyme, 9000 FCC ALU, 60 Capsules' from iHerb, it really works. But I wouldn't buy it anymore because I'm reducing my dairy intake.

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