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Au Natural Mama

Downward facing dog yoga position or a variant thereof. When I was pregnant, I ate dried apricots and felt like I was going to die. Basically, anything that puts your rear end higher than your head. For me, rocking back and forth in this position or on my hands and knees pretty much forced it right out of me and relieved the pain.

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Amazing! I did this and my gas was cleared instantly.


I did this and vomited...


Awesome!!! I thought it would make it worse, so was afraid to try at first. I took a 'bowing' position down on my knees with my head down on floor & my bottom up. It hurt for only a few seconds but then it began to relax & within just a couple minutes began to dissipate! I kept my knees apart, too. I just let my back arch a little & my belly sag. I had been in pain for an HOUR on my side on my bed & had taken Gas X, which did NOT take it away. If I had only tried this sooner.

I CANNOT believe this actually worked! I have had such hideous intestinal cramping like this numerous times before & went to the ER once, not knowing what it was.

So thankful for this post. :)


This also worked for me! In a matter of minutes!


This worked!!! THANKS

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