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ive been suffering with facial eczema.after being prescribed steroid cream for years with very little relief i'd almost given up. a week ago while in walgreen's I bought a six dollar bottle of Johnson and Johnson purpose facial cleanser and after a few days it has began to clear and disappear.hope this helps someone.ive also been using bacitracin or triple antibiotic ointment around my nose and corners of my mouth at night.seems to really help.considering what ive shelled out for prescription ointment this is a god send.

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Bill from the Philippines

It's possible you don't have eczema. Unless you have used strong cleansers on your face, it could be rosecea or even alergies including sun alergy. It it is eczema, then hydrocortisone should clear it up, once you get it cleared up don't use anything else on your face except coconut oil, the cooking variety works fine. I know, that's what I use.

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