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I was diagnosed with hpv four days ago, as you can imagine bi was completely devastated. After crying for hours and not being able to get another appointment for 5 days, I decided to try to rid myself of them. I did alto of research and started immediately. This worked for me, in four days. I used 100% tea tree oil, soaked a cottonball and used medical tape to tape it in place over the warts, this stings a little, but the results are worth it, I did this twice a day for two hours at a time, for four days. Also at night when I took off the cotton I held a cotton ball with ACV on it for about 15 mins every night, this really burnt me so I tried to limit my use of it. To sooth I use calendula crème, it is made in California of all natural ingredients and works wonders while you sleep, you can buy it online, I'm sure gasoline would work too, I already had this product. Well four days later I have no warts, I just hope this lasts for a while so I can get back to a normal relationship with my boyfriend. I have been with him over a year and had no idea I had hpv at all, I guess you never know what lurks in your body from past bad decisions. I just glad he understands.
Much love, and good luck

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Always use condoms.
Boost your immune system.
Drink green smoothies.
Stop smoking.
Avoid soft drinks & drink lots of water.

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