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Pray first to Jesus! Than clean the tooth make sure there isn't any foreign particles of food in a cavity especially sweet stuff! The best emergency cure is freezing cold water to overwhelm the pain and rinse with salt water remember all things are possible though him!

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how come jesus can help relieve the pain, but didn't stop us getting it in the first place?

i never did believe in fairy stories...


I actually did pray to Jesus last night... it didn't work. Then I packed my mouth with ground clove and the pain finally went away. I did thank God for giving life to CLOVES.

daughter of the King

After rinsing with salt water a few times last night (to no avail) my husband prayed for me when we were about to go to sleep (to Jesus). He prayed that my tooth would be healed when I woke up this morning. After being in pain for 3 days, I woke up this morning pain-free! Thank you Jesus and thank you to the person who was not afraid to make a stand for who you believe in. As for me and my house, WE will serve the LORD> It feels good to be without pain! He died on a cross, but He rose again from the dead!!! Hallelujah!!! I have so many answered prayers because God does care and meets us where our faith is.


Ignorance is bless , Jesus cures the soul not the body you idiot. People are in pain here , where the fuck is Jesus when people are being torture or rape or during genocide. Tell Jesus to finger your ass you may feel better after.


I took your advice and called out to Jesus! A guy from Mexico came running. He said his name was Jesus (showed me his id) and told me to try salt water.

It worked! Praise Jesus! Glad he was around when I really needed him. Shame he can't afford to fly to Africa to help all of those starving children. This is tough times for all.


I totally agree. I would think He is behind wholelistic approaches to relief of any kind. I pray here that also people would come to terms with their hostility torwards God. He's the only one who can truly help you ultimately. Peace and God bless


My tooth doesn't hurt but I came here for my wife. After reading these post's, well we laughed for an hour and she forgot the pain! Praise Jesus or Allah or Mickey Mouse! As for the flaming idiot religeous pricks (pro or con) that are getting overly serious here, fuck all of you! This is A TOOTHACHE website! Nobody cares for your opinions when their teeth are in freaking pain. Dirtbags!


When I have a toothache I need pain relief til I can get to dentist not friggin religion. By the way ponder this Jesus / Harry Potter.

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