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Pray first to Jesus! Than clean the tooth make sure there isn't any foreign particles of food in a cavity especially sweet stuff! The best emergency cure is freezing cold water to overwhelm the pain and rinse with salt water remember all things are possible though him!

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Wouldn't u like 2 no

Why is everyone soo stupid and childish hahahahahha the people and are saying your going to hell are childish the people that are cursing god are childish it's just too funny really


don't put down other peoples beliefs, if you disagree with something, keep your mouth shut. All your hatred against god is uncalled for. Just cause you are going thru hard times don't mean you can blame him or anyone else, its your choice and your fault. Grow up, you should be ashamed of yourself.


You tried hitting yourself round the head with your bible May knock the tooth out and save dentist bill. Try it let us know how you get on if it's no good eat pain killers and drink strong alcohol until you can't remember your name and keep walking until you see a bring light. Retards


All things, such as rinsing with salt water, are possible through Jesus, but I have a question: should I have the water blessed by an exorcist, first? I mean, these ARE dental demons we're fighting, aren't they?


You know there's many God's & Goddess' not just one person plus 'Satan' isn't the ruler of the under ground it's Haydes and 'Jesus' is just a man that is a Muslim not Christian the true 'Bible' is only the 10 Com. Not a book it was a stone plus the first Christians was Pagan/Wicca learn your Greek God's & Goddess' & your history before you preach to people about a God plus why pray to a man that died on a cross? There was more than one person that died on those cross' they didn't do that for Christians they did it for Muslims wow people are pathetic for preaching the wrong facts about history where they learned it in prison, as a child blinded from the truth oh plus 'Christians' stoled the Pagan/Wicca ways and turn it against them and having people believed that their evil hummm…no we are not evil we help the world grow not violence so people practice for what you preach before you get slam on by those comments


Oh I forgot the whole salt water is from a coven witch is also Pagan/Wicca :]


Delsional people..fairy tales and mythology..y'all are ignotant..why do that stupid praying Crap if you're still gonna have to do the remedy? Why go yo yhebdovotor if this so called mythical shit can supposedly heal us?Christians don't even fully believe their own religion ..they sin knowing they can justify it by repenting. The book is a contradiction in its self and scares people into believing with all the Hell bullshit instead letting people choose on their own free will. Christians are the biggest hippocrites.


Never pray to Jesus for something so obsolete like that


Jesus is the problem.
He is making your teeth sore for preaching about him.
He is not who you think he is and is punishing you for your 'Religion'.

Rinse with vodka, take an anti-inflamatory (lol) and there's also the dentemp stuff which you can block the hole with.

Or do that praying thing that those people who don't understand how to think do.

Addle Tree

Fun fact about Jesus Christ: He was willing to kill children. He said 'I will strike her children dead' but what the fuck do children have to do with adults committing adultery? And who the fuck does he think he is to dictate who a person can have sex with anyway?

Don't believe Jesus was willing to kill children? Well then, you'd better read this bible passage:

'So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds. (From the NIV Bible, Revelation 2:22-23)'

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