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Pray first to Jesus! Than clean the tooth make sure there isn't any foreign particles of food in a cavity especially sweet stuff! The best emergency cure is freezing cold water to overwhelm the pain and rinse with salt water remember all things are possible though him!

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While your taking those pain meds,Remember God is the one that gave man the knowledge to make medicine. And a good prayer will always help.

Josh Pratt

I like your comment about prayer. God has delivered me in my time of need in many instances. Prayer coupled with faith can work miracles. The individual who is complaining about being preached at is clearly disturbed and saddened about more things in their personal life than just a tooth ache. God lives and he has a modern day prophet to speak His words to us.


like you Jesus freaks know anything about the future and what happens when we die. lol

some of us prefer not to live by a 2000-year old book written by a bunch of blowhards & drunkards.

Stinky Wizzleteats

all my my friends and other assorted cool people will be in hell. Can't wait!


The only thing i thought was crazy about this comment was the freezing cold water thing. Why would you ever do that wouldn't that be an excruciating pain!?


Also, to add my own lil bit about this hostile Jesus argument because i wanna play too.... I was told that the only thing God will not forgive you for is taking your own life, and doubting him. Sooo, yall are screwed

archie featherston

from archie featherston dude with the foul mouth ur ignerence is not needed that showes ur afraid keeping ur name withheld


I laughed so hard I farted.


So 'god' gave man the knowledge to make pain killers.. Which came from the tree of knowledge, that we werent supposed to eat from..great god. Which god are we supposed to pray to anyway? All of them? morons..


Pray to God? That's your fucking advice? He obviously worked miracles in giving me a damn toothache. Take your bible thumping ass somewhere else.

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