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Pray first to Jesus! Than clean the tooth make sure there isn't any foreign particles of food in a cavity especially sweet stuff! The best emergency cure is freezing cold water to overwhelm the pain and rinse with salt water remember all things are possible though him!

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Fuck jesus , it's the 21st century and we have medicine. People like you should be locked away somewhere.


When people come here they are not looking to get preached at. If you have a usefull home remedy leave a comment, if you don't leave the page. Don't unnecessarily say things that will make people hate christianity.


I came here in the middle of the night to find a cure and instead I get a fucking sermon.

Fuck your fairytale god.


How dare you talk about my Father in Heaven like that!!! A home remedy was also given!! Shame on you! I pray conviction on your soul! You have Christianity because someone suggested Truth?


Wow, the hostility shown towards Jesus here is totally uncalled for. You all might not believe in Him but one day you WILL be kneeling at his feet, having to give account for everything you've said or done in your body. I pray you'll get right with God before that time.

Ashley ♡`s Jesus!

Amen! And thanks for the suggestion it definitely helped :)


oh gees that sounds horrible there is no way i will ever do that i think i will just take some pain killers or something


also i think you guys at the top were a little harsh i don't believe in god but i think that if you do then why should i care


Pray to Lord Rama and wash with salt water seethe dentist without fail.


I truly cannot believe all the people on here cursing God, knowing he could take away your last breath in an instant. Its really so sad to know that so many of you may be in hell one day.

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