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So I've tried the gargling salt water.
It didn't help at all, I'm just whimpering and groaning in bed trying to sleep but this pain isn't letting me at all. I was to scream and cry.
So I looked at some more and tried the Sensodyne and it helped the pain through out the evening though I had to reapply the Paste after eating, and every 30-45 minutes.

I am now trying theVodka/Rum/Whiskey, seeing if it'll help and so far I just want to shoot myself. I after swishing and spitting the rum out the pain comes back intensified.

I can no longer go to a dentist for another week and I'm in so much pain. I have no cloves or gum or wax, no T3s, no lemons or medicine as I'm just vising family for the week. I was to enjoy my stay not wrieth in pain.

Any one else know anything that works instantly?

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Try oil pulling. My husband had an abscess and was in serious pain; at that point, he would have tried anything. Swished with 2 T of coconut oil for 15 minutes and the pain was gone. Two more times over the course of the next day and it pulled out the abscess


Sorry, forgot to mention, you can use any kind of light oil, though coconut or sunflower is the best. Olive would work also, but is kind of gross. Coconut oil works great, but makes me gag at first. If you can't do a whole 15 minutes, try just a few minutes at a time. And make sure to spit it in the trash, not the sink. You just swish the oil around in your mouth like you would listerine.


I have heard that Strepsil can help with in 12 hrs. They come in hard candy form but I would try and find antibacterial strips place in mouth on affected area, till dissolved don't bite just tuck in the cheek and gum of tooth alternate in the inside in between the tongue and gum line. And tequila helps with pain and fighting germs, garlic is another method placed in ear of side of infected area in mouth and as well don't swallow. Stay well eat healthy :)


When using salt..i relized you need sea salt put 3 tea spoons in about 5oz of really warm water and it works asap


tea bags works as an anti inflammatory as well as garlic cloves or gsrlic powder. apply any of these directly to the infected area. you will have relief within minutes. I am doing this right now the garlic powder burns like crazy and the tea bags are nasty but the end results are worth it. just wet finger and put garlic powder on infected area also wet tea bag a little and put on the gum area and tooth . its removes swelling and keeps air out. hope you feel better soon.

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