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Hey I had a terrible painful boil that had lasted about 4 days each day the pain got worst so I knew soon it was going to pop but this one was a doozy. I soaked 2-3 times a day and put boil ease on it until eventually it would come to a head , I tried the tooth paste thing but it just made it angrier(that's before I tried the boil ease) and not only does the boil ease help it come to a head but it also helps relieve the pain not completely but enough for you to relax. I put on the boil ease everytime I got out a suuuuuuper hot bath, and I know it may hurt but it help to try to move around a little to help the boil pop. I'm telling you boil ease will help the situation alot faster, did I mention this boil was on the right bottom side of my vaginal lip it hurt like the Dickens I couldn't sit, barely walk laying down was the only thing I could do. On the same day I bought the boil ease it popped later on that night , even when it does pop its good to soak in hot water once more it helps loosen up the bacteria in your boil so that it can drain much easier, don't forget that everytime you clean it put on a gauze even after it popped drainage can last maybe two days. You will feel soooooo much better afterwards and extremely clean. Well I hope this helps somebody cause I feel your pain. Good luck.

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pain pain

Thank you!!!
I never had a boil on the side of my vagina or even had an boil befor....I was so embarrasses to tell anyone why I was walking so funny!!!
Now im bout to get this product!!
Pray that it works the same way for me,,, cause imIin so much pain!!

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