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Chipped my tooth bad! Worst pain EVER!!! I think it's infected. My jaw, ear, and throat hurt. I followed some remedies y'all suggested and here's what helped.
-Rinse with peroxide and salt.
-Use sensodyne on tooth
-Icy hot on neck and cheek (outside ONLY)
Good luck! It's helping me so far...

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THANK YOU!! It is 6:30 am and I have been up since midnight. I have tried everything. The pain is not gone completely but I had never heard of the Icy Hot on the face. After trying every other home remedy out there and it being the middle of the night I was close to shooting myself!The Icy Hot has taken 70-80% of the throbbing away...hopefullynI can get some sleep...thank you again!

Ms. Pryor

Tried the icy hot an immediately the pain started easing down. Hope it can ease down enough to sleep til a dentist can be seen!


Can someone tell me if the icy hot burned thier face really bad,?


Thank you so much this one actually worked for me I just took 2 tynol than i rinsed out my mouth with peroxide and salt and than brushed my mouth with sensitive toothpaste so thank you hopefully it will work for some one else to
good luck...


Icy Hot didn't damage my face and it brought relief.

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