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Vicks vaporub!!!! Just apply it onto the affected area every night before bed wear socks to prevent from sticking to anything else. You see results immediately and itching stops.

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Won't that burn the cuts???

Mama of 2 boys!!

I have had athletes foot for about a week. I didn't know what it was because I've never had it before. My sister told me to try Vicks vapor rub. IT WORKS GREAT!!!!! It doesn't burn at all!! It's really a big relief!!!!! I use it three times a day.


was at the foot dr for anyone who has thick teo nails vicks is awesome along with tea tree iol. wash nails in shower w toothbrush use bleech then apply tea tree iol to all nails then b4 bed wash feet again with bleech after dry apply vicks to toenails then cover with socks and sleep takes about 2 months to clear up. you must stick with it better than paying dr tons of money to fix nails


Sure, I'm going to cum all over my foot! Maybe I will save some up so I can do a nice soak. Please......

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