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Vicks vaporub!!!!! Seriously the fastest way to cure fungus on toe nails as well as athletes foot that usually is present with toe nail fungus. The trick is to rub the vaporub into the affected area and cover with a bandaid or even just wear a sock before going to bed every night. It only takes a few weeks to completely clear up but you see results instantly. I was counting on Apple cider vinegar for the fungus but was too time consuming and clearly it smells horrible so I stopped.

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Is this treatment iz also for hand nails fungus


How long did it take for the healthy nail to grow? I have had nail fungus for the passed two years, I've been wearing fake toe nails. I've tried candistan pills but didn't work. I've been wearing fake toe nails for the longest time. I'm 25 years old and my toe nail fungus has caused me a lot of stressed and affected my self confidence. I've just tried soaking them in apple vinger and water and will cut and clean them as much as I can. I've lost all 8 toe nails. I don't know what to do and don't know if there's a hope. I'm so embarrassed to talk about it to anyone or even see a doctor about it. Could anyone help me please and give me a hope. I even get bad dreams that my friends saw my toes and got disgusted. Please help me and suggest the best remedy and tell me wether if the toe nails grew out in a normal healthy way. Thank you


Ive had the same problem with toe nail fungus. It never seems to go away. I'm starting to use coconut oil to see if that works, but I'll try out the vapor rub! I have also been using fake toe nails and its so embarrassing. I can't even go swimming at times or wear cute sandals!


I have been using Vicks vapour rub twice a day and steeping my feet in white vinegar for 20 mins every day.... The results after 10 days is amazing one foot is totally clear and the other which was far worse has improved loads


I have had the fungus in 3 places, my big toe and 2 fingers. I have tried every pill out there given to me by my doctor; i also used vick vapo rub for 3 years, listerine, garlic, etc. nthing has taken the fungus way. The vapo rub stopped it from getting worse and gave a small improvment, it just kept it from turning brown.So I had a relative visiting me from south america and anyway she was putting this cream n her nail so i had to ask and turns out it was fungus, but I couldn;t see anything n it, she said it had disapeered. She gave me a cream called DIPROSALIC,i'm sure there has to be an american version, there is little change in medicine names. I have been using it for 3 months now and I can't beleive how good it is working, the white streaks are completely gone on one finger nail,and just on the edge of the other fingernail and toe there still is a tiny bit. The overall color of the nails have change from a whitish , milky with the white streaks to normal color and I didn't have to cut any nail off or file it down, just apply the cream under the nail every night and on the surrounding skin and that is it.Just had to share this with someone, it has been a nightmare for so many years. And finally something that works!!

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