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I have been suffering with chronic hives for about 4 months. I have been to doctors, Dermatologist, ER, gone though shots and pills galore. I have no clue what the cause is. They have tested me for lupus, antigens, thyroid, and kidney problems. Everything is sedative. By happenstance, I tried Icy hot on hives, and they cleared up almost immediately...on the surface. I figured if the menthol worked on the outside, I should use it internally. I bought a bag of menthol cough drops and ate 2 each hour. I didn't take pills ALL day (to my relief) until bedtime. I also decided No Coffee or Tea and drank strictly Water hoping to my flush my system. I woke this morning and NO HIVES!!! I am So Excited at my discovery! I just hope it works for more than a few days!!!

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con u plzz recommend me to wht to do n how to i also have hives and its now more than 9 month n i wane clear this hive so plzz thelll me how u did that in detail.....can email me all info on


Icy hot makes them worse! Do not use this idea, you'll be in more pain than before. To the person who wrote this suggestion: IF your intentions were as terrible as I think they were, I hope you get hives in places you haven't even discovered yet; Only to be healed by righting wrongs you've committed against ten people.

Anna Nik

Thank you so much us d icy hot in the evening and it was gone in the morning , unbelievable

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