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Pure lemon juice (non-reconstituted) and/or regular white vinegar dabbed on with a clean cotton swab. Also, the pure lemon juice will significantly reduce skin pigmentations to even out the skin tone if used regularly with this being the last step of your regimen. Be sure to rinse with cool water in the morning then cleanse and moisturize as usual.

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Do not Do this Lemon juice will scar..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My nana did it and she has permanently scared opened pores!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT DO THE LEMON JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pee wee

i reckon that u do it rite after u pop da pimple. i did it b4 n it made my pimple go down heaps! it was so much better in the morining. i reccomend u only do it 4 relli big pimples and onlyy put it on the affected area.


ok i had this huge blind pimple on my chin which i always got every now and again. so i tried this lemon juice one and within aobut 1hr of washing the lemon juice off my pimple was no longer red and had halfed in size.
so try and see it ppl's skin are different to others


i have just begun using the lemon juice and my pimples have been significantly reduced.I don't think it'll harm your face by opening up your pores.lemon juice is supposed to open up your pores.How long did your nana use it for???


lemon juice reduced my pore size i like it it works great

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