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Hi all chigger suffers! I'm from the homeland of things that bite, Australia! Down here we call chiggers 'scrub itch' and boy have I been hit hard. After a particularly nasty episode I combined a bunch of things that work SO well and don't involve dousing yourself in harmful chemicals. Take rubbing alcohol hiking! When you feel titchy squirmy like you might have chiggers on you, wipe down with a cotton pad doused in alcohol, you will be surprised at how many suckers end up on the pads! (put pads in zip baggie to take home to bin). Also, before hiking a mixture of 1/3 ratio of baby oil, tea tree oil and dettol applied liberally helps deter them.
When you get home SHOWER WELL! Then take a bath in trusty arm and hammer baking soda (add LOTS to the bath!).
After bathing wipe bites down with alcohol again, let dry, apply baking soda paste. Throw an antihistamine in your throat and BAM itch gone. It's like a Christmas miracle, you can literally hear angels singing. Alcohol wipe and baking soda everytime the itch starts to return (usually every 6 hours for me). Bites head to toe clear up in about 48 hours, its amazing. (Ive also alternated baking soda paste with calamine with added lignocaine, the alternation every few hours also works a treat)

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Not only was this enlightening but so freaking funny! Right on, Dude!

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