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I spent most of the morning reading blogs and read about garlic and burns from it and decided I didnt want anymore pain than I was alreading having. I usually use aloe straight from the aloe plant but this time nothing was helping...I read about Vicks vapor rub and hydrocortesone cream. I decided since I have both on hand I would try it i mixed equal parts in a jar and applied it and felt instant relief and with in a half hour they had shrunk more than half the original size.

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my husband had hemorrhoids most of his adult life. tonight he was in so much pain, i decided to look for some relief and came across this website. it was a God send. we tried this remedy of vicks vapor rub and hydrocortisone. it worked instantly. he first felt coolness and then burning and then within 15 minutes his pain and burning was gone. thankyou so much.


Thanks for this post! I tried garlic and it did burn ended up washing it off! Since I had both of these on hand I decided what the heckler give it a try I was in pain and needed relief! I mixed half and half like you said and applied and thank goodness it was relief!


OMG! Thank you so much! I stayed home from work today because I have to stand and walk all day long. I was so miserable and was reading the home remedies on here but I didn't have all the ingredients until I came to your post. I ran in the bathroom and whipped it up and wallah, pain is gone! I am going to inform everyone I know! :-)
Thanks again!


Thank you for saving me! I've had them my whole life (I'm 63) and thought I had tried everything.
I now keep a small jar container in the bathroom with q-tips, I use it daily. This will also be part of my travel kit. I am forever grateful.

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