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My ear clogged up for 2days, it felt like I had water in my ears and u hadn't been swimming for months. I went to the emergency room, my ear was intitually rised out with a serunge and saline solution (twice). That didn't remove the compressed wax clogging up my ear so , the doctor gave me steril ear drops, and was instructed to put 3 drops 3 times a day... After just 24hrs my ear popped and my hearing was restored. Over the course of 24hrs I did feel and see wax resdue/ fluids come out my ear, so do place a towel on your pillow at night when u go to bed.
Hope this helps.

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Can you give the name of the drops. Hubby has swimmers ear cleanser and waxsol. Nothing is working.


...You went to the emergency room with a clogged ear?


I work in the ER, we have people who come in with wax build up in there ears that has completely blocked the ear canal, usually due to using Q-tips to 'clean' their ears. Which pushes all the gunk and ear wax farther into the ear canal allowing it to become impacted or stuck in the ear. The usual way to clean out the ear in the ER is to irrigate the ear using a 10cc syringe using normal saline (yes it does matter the size of the syringe, the amount of pressure on a 10cc syringe is more than in a 20cc syringe. It may seem faster because you don't have to refill as often but you do not get the same results) **At home, I would use distilled water. (you can get a gallon at grocery store or Wal-Mart for for less than $1.00), not tap water. Use distilled water never use water out of the sink)
Now this part may sound weird, cause I thought there was a mistake when I saw an order for Colace, place 3-4 drops in ear, let set for 30 minutes, irrigate again. Colace is a stool softner, but it does the same to an accumulation of wax build-up in the ear. You can also use the fluid filled pills available at all pharmacies if you can not find the liquid. Use a needle to put a hole in the capsule and squeeze 3-4 drops into the ear, lay down on your side, obviously with the ear you did not place the Colace in down. You may need to use more if it's a large accumulation. It's better to have assistance to irrigate your ears. Take a 10cc syringe you can get at pharmacy to give medicines with our if they have a syringe with a curved end on it that is used when you have wisdom teeth removed to rinse with after the removal would work well. You need to sit up while the person is irritating the ear. Get a thick towel and hold under your ear to keep it from running onto your clothes and everywhere else. Don't point it directly at the ear drum, irrigate to the side of the ear and blockage. You will need to put some pressure on the water going in to loosen and rinse the build up out.(The faster you push the plunger on the syringe, the more pressure of the water coming out of syringe. It may take a multiple times of irrigating the the ear if it is a bad blockage. It may require repeating putting the Colace in the ear, remember to lay on the side that is unaffected, so the Colace is penetrating and softening the build-up. (I do not tell you this assuming that you would not already know to do this. However, I have seen the situation occur, that I have placed drops in someone's ear and while I'm closing the container or have turned to get a piece of gauze to place in the ear.....when I have turned around they are laying with the side down that I just placed drops in. Yes, it's all run back out. Have to do it again.) Repeat same steps. It also takes more than one syringe full of water to flush it out. I usually try to have the solution slightly warm, NOT hot. Although, most times it is used at room temperature, but not cold. If you do not have access to Colace and have a bottle of Sweet Oil at home, you can use that to soften it up. It doesn't work as fast on stubborn impacted wax, but it will eventually soften it up. My mom used it all the time when I was little or I would not have known what it was. (The active ingredient on the bottle is Olive Oil Extract). If you can't get it out by irritation I would not recommend trying to manually remove it by sticking anything in the ear. If it comes to that, you need to see your Dr and have someone doing it that has experience and knows what they are doing. I do it, but I have 10+ years off experience, an otoscope that allows me to see into the ear and I have specific instruments that are used to remove stuff from the ear canal. You can perforate the ear drum if you do not know what you are doing. I'm not doing it blind so to speak. DON'T USE A Q-tip trying to get it out or to clean your ears with ever again! Hope this will help anyone that has this issue.


I have been having reoccurring sinus infections. My doctor gave me nose spray and referred me to an Ent. Now my ears are clogged and I can't see the doctor until next week. It's driving me crazy

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