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scared latino

I'm very worried. Two years ago I was in a relationship we broke up exactly two years ago. I later i found out that he was having surgery for removal of his anal warts. I was so worried and stiil am. Any way I was in the shower Monday of this week 1/6/14 I felt a bump on the opening of my anus. I looked in the mirror and it was white and small. I read about Acv so I applied sine with a qtip no burn hoping it would go away by the next day. But it was still there so I soaked a cotton ball and left it over night. The next morning it appeared smaller but not gone. Idk if it actually is a wart . What else could it be? ? Please help any advise would be great. I did make an appointment with my pcp however I can't get in till the end of next month. I am a gay male.

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AC Newcastle

Hello! I'm now totally free of these awful things after over a year of stress. I
contracted anal warts from my ex girlfriend who (unbeknown to me) had HPV and had been using my razor (which I use all over my body)
The next thing I know.... Itchy white lumps appeared!
I was wrongly diagnosed by my GP twice and given a steroid cream as he thought I had a fungal infection.
I tried every old wives remedy there is and was ripped off with a so called miracle cream for £40 from the internet. (Somxl)
I eventually visited my local sexual health clinic and was diagnosed correctly.
The only way to deal with this problem is to seek professional advice at one of these places.
I was prescribed with Warticon cream and a little mirror to make sure I got the cream on the right bits. 4 weeks later and I'm as good as new!!!
I used a cotton bud (q tip) to dab cream on the warts and not the surrounding area. This is really important! I just rubbed it into the whole area for the first three days and I was in absolute agony, the cream's very powerful stuff.
Take care! AC.


It sounds like you definitely have anal warts. I've tried the ACV treatments and Tea Tree Oil, which neither of them worked for me. I went to my PCP and he froze them off with liquid nitrogen. There was some discomfort with the procedure and the cost was extremely high. The procedure was over $500.00 US Dollars and of course it went towards my insurance deductible so I had to pay out of pocket. Had the procedure done twice and it didn't get rid of all of them. So I have been using Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away - works good for me and a lot cheaper than a cryotherapy treatment at the medical center. You just have to increase the time they say in the instructions - I've been doubling it. You will have some discomfort but not as much as the PCP's cryotherapy treatment. Good luck.

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