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Fast Herpes Healing Remedy- As soon as you feel the tingling- start applying the acetone. Hold it on the area that feels the most tender and reapply a couple of hours later. It works better and faster than anything I have ever tried. Also- I found a way to prevent any spreading- which after applying the acetone (and especially if there is open blisters) I took a dab of super glue and just put a couple of tiny drops right on the blister. Amazing fast results....

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I do something similar myself. I try to open all my sores usually by shaving them. Yes it hurts but it makes mine heal faster. Then I soak them in hydrogen peroxide. I then soak them in a mixture of alcohol witch hazel and nail polish remover. Last I coat them generously with clear nail polish or liquid bandage. Normally this heals them within a few days. I also take lysine cats claw and bee propolis supplements along with echinacea astragalus and olive leaf extract.

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