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I'm 30 year old women that have suffered with BV for about 5 years. I've tried everything from suppositories, medicated douche, tea tree oil, peroxide, boric acid... The list goes on. I found an article online about how a study shown that women that lack vitamin d will have this problem.. Blah blah. I was like ok I will give it try. I went to GNC purchased a bottle of women's multi vitamin and a bottle of vitamin d-3 and I kid you not in like 2/3 days the odor was gone. The discharge was gone. I no longer have to wear panty liners. A month later and I'm still not having any problems. I will admit I did not change anything about my diet. Sugar/sweets is so hard for me stay away from:(. I truly hope someone will read this and give it a try.

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How often did you take these pills ? Please help !

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