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I'm 30 year old women that have suffered with BV for about 5 years. I've tried everything from suppositories, medicated douche, tea tree oil, peroxide, boric acid... The list goes on. I found an article online about how a study shown that women that lack vitamin d will have this problem.. Blah blah. I was like ok I will give it try. I went to GNC purchased a bottle of women's multi vitamin and a bottle of vitamin d-3 and I kid you not in like 2/3 days the odor was gone. The discharge was gone. I no longer have to wear panty liners. A month later and I'm still not having any problems. I will admit I did not change anything about my diet. Sugar/sweets is so hard for me stay away from:(. I truly hope someone will read this and give it a try.

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Thank you for posting this! I bought D-3 at the store today along with garlic and a probiotic. I will be starting today, I hope it works!! :)


Please email me and explain everything you've used in the past because I've been dealing withmmines for about 4years now and have been to the doctor too many times and It's.getting highly embarrassing!!! Thanks a lot!!


I have just about given up but thanks to your post I have one more method to try. So many times I thought I was on the right treatment path only to menstruate and be right back to the beginning. Was actually debating starting a multi vitamin because I'm feeling run down so hopefully I'll kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for giving me a bit of hope again and hopefully I can take my search for companionship off hold soon *fingers crossed*


How often did you take these vitamins ?


hey i have this for about 2 years know and i am a teenager so could i use this your not please help,can you email me at


Thanks for your post. I'll buy some vitamin D tomorrow. I've run out and you're right...I notice a big difference not taking it anymore.


worth noting that 600 IU of Vitamin D is the recommended daily allowance, and that too much can result in toxicity with some serious consequences.


I've dealt with bv for 4 years! I had tried a lot of home remedies. Some of them work but only temporarily. This was a problem that worried me so much. I always thought I was alone when it came to this. I turn to my faith and decided to let god heal me. Because I was always scared about what someone would say, I never told anyone about the problem. Finally I was fed up and decided to go to the doctor and let them diagnosis it! Because I searched for home remedies, I already knew it was bv! The doctor prescribed me Metronidazole antibiotics! I took the pills also I listen to different healing testimonies to get my faith kicking! I said many healing strictures aloud! I cursed my bv at the root and commanded it to go away and never return! After two days the symptoms was gone! I felt normal again! Ladies if nothing else works for you, turn to god! For he puts his healing powers on the inside of you and through other people :-)


I am 25 years old and I had bv for about 4months. I did not have sex for year and when I started to have unprotected sex it came. I use tree oil and vinegar mixed with water every after shower; a few drops of each on a plastic container and water. I did not used a specific amount. Also, I'm taking vitamin d(2000),garlic pill and frolic acid (400). However, what help me the most was the unsweetened yogurt on my vayaya. I did it for three days straight. And it worked. I have 3weeks without it and I'm feeling greatttttt!!!!!


have you had sex yet since you became clean of bv? it seems as if every time mine goes away, it comes right back after I have unprotected sex.

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