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shy 6

I know most people say heat is the answer to cramps, and yes it does help tremendously. But I have found cold and ice to work so much better! I used to get crippling menstrual cramps every month. I wasnt able to move for at least a day, if not more. I would cry myself to sleep on the floor curled up in a ball. It was dreadful. Finally I grabbed 2 plastic bags ane filled them with ice and put them where my cramps hurt the worst. I laid there for a few minutes and found the pain started to go away! It didnt take the pain completely away, but I was able to sit up and relax(: Hope this helps you!!

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You have no idea how much this helped. I was curled up in a ball on my bed cause I couldn't sleep or get in a comfortable position. I was reading all of these comments and they all said heating pad or a warm water bottle. So I went and looked and looked for a heating pad I could not find it! So I kept reading and found this so I tried it and within 2 minutes I couldn't feel anything. I fell asleep with no problem. Thank you so much!

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