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Bless you all! Previously had a severely painful stone, and hospital did a scan, and scheduled surgery four days in future.(.6 size stone) (Very arrogant 'Resident' MD)
I did the AC Vinegar & lemon juice for three days; & the doc did an additional scan the day before surgery. They were
shocked to find the stone gone. In typical traditional MD fashion,they attributed it to something else; not my ACV regimen. But I am pain free, and know better!! Thanks a million! Joe

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Happy Camper

I was in so much pain NON of the Dr. prescribed Narcotic pain killers worked! After 2 days of suffering and wishing I would die. At 2 am my wife read this post. We only had Apple cider vinigar in the house so I shot 2oz on the spot and drank it with water. After an hour the pain was much less... 2 hours I was relaxed enough to cat nap...4 hours I passed 2 stones...6 hours I was peeing NORMAL! This is my 2nd bout of stones in 30 years. ACV is my new best friend.


How often I drink AC Vinegar & lemon juice. and How much measure of them. Thanks

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