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Agree that drinking more water helps lower blood pressure by flushing out excessive sodium levels.

After eating salty foods, I can sometimes hear/feel my pulse pounding in my head/ears, which tells me my bp is elevated due to the increased level of salt/sodium...I then force myself to drink twice as much water as usual, (and I usually drink quite a lot at least 8-10 big glasses a day) and the pounding ceases shortly thereafter.

But since water is normally relatively cheap and unpatentable this simple approach isn't touted very often by the pricey dispensers of drugs, etc.

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Yes there are , you might want to discuss this with your dotcor.There are also herbal remedies that don't require a dotcor's visit.My friend has great success with using lavender oil. She puts a little on a hankie and when she feels a stress or anxiety episode coming on simply holds it up to her nose and takes 10 slow deep breaths.there is also herbal teas out there made from chamomile, and St. Johns Wart that are effective in helping to keep you calm.I have also heard of using vitamin B supplements to relieve suggestion would be try the herbal or homeopathic remedies first , if they are not working for you go and talk to your dotcor.

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