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Thank you so much for the remedies you guys have all posted here!!!!

I have a bad lower front tooth, it's been lose for a while and I was told a couple years ago it can't be saved and needs to come out. But I can't afford to go to the dentist (I am allergic to 'caines' and must pay cash for general anesthesia and for a dental surgeon in a day surgery clinic setting..a few thousand dollars at best...since they say they need to do all my work at once while I am under, due to risk from anesthesia. So I have been nursing this tooth (the worst) along for a while, trying to maintain good oral health and take care of things faithfully while I save my money to be put under and get everything fixed.

Well, it finally abscessed and yesterday I awoke to a painful pus filled pocket on the gum just below the tooth. I already use peroxide and water to swish when doing my oral care, but I did it with extra peroxide (less dilution with water) yesterday morning and then swished with warm salt water, and then I used a tea bag as a poultice. The tea bag opened it and drew out the pus, which I of course spit out (yuk). It drained all afternoon yesterday. Nasty!But once it drained the pain lessened.

I also started on 2000mg of garlic with 500mg of vitamin c, and low and behold 3 doses of the garlic and vitamin c and one day later,I am like a new woman! Not even sore!

I will continue the garlic and vitamin c routine as well as my other already established oral hygiene routine and I will continue to save my pennies to get the dental work done. But I just wanted to share, I was skeptical but desperate when I came here, but these remedies really worked. I needed to come back and tell you and give you all a big thank you!!!!!

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How long do you leave the table again and what kind of tea bag it and what
are dry


what kind of tea bag how long do you leave it in and do you put it in wet or dry


Black teabag. 'Orange pekoe' is a kind of black tea and it works, too. Common U. S. brand names are salada, red rose or Tetley (not cold Brisk or iced tea--a teabag no sugar). The tannins in the tea and the changed acidity in your mouth are antibacterial. Note: you can also cure or improve pinkeye/conjunctivitis by squeezing a cool used bkack teabag into the eye-better in 15 minutes!
Peroxide, alcohol (including peppermint schnapps! But vodka is better :) ), oil of cloves and salt water are sterilizing. Note: dentists used to use oil of cloves during procedures, so older people may recognize the taste, which is like licorice.
Cold water is anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling in gums).
Warm water is soothing for you, opens up nasal passages and softens gum tissue. Maybe this allows some pus to drain out around the tooth. Unfortunately, some bacteria like it warm and grow, which can increase swelling.
dentists and dental work can be scary, but it's not worth dying-you can die from putting it off! Increases likelihood of heart problems. Mouth infections are near your heart and brain!
Lots of dentists will give you price breaks or installments for cash deals. Get it done!
ps I have used ALL these remedies. They all worked for me, and I'e had many dental problems. But NOTHING beats a kind skilled dentist.


Does the teabag have to be hot?

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