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Woke up at 2am with a massive toothache and didnt even know what tooth it was coming from, so first thing
I took 200mg ibuprofen and instantly googled home remedies, first thing i tried was garlic/salt in a glass of hot water and swished that around and tried to hold it on the hurting side, than i dipped a piece of bread in vanilla extract and held it on the suspected tooth and about 5 min later the pain started fading. Now i am pretty much pain free. I dont know which of those tricks was what did it, but the combination is working thus far!! Good luck and goodnight!

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It has been an hour. Im pain free with garlic paste only. I didn't chew the garlic. I packed the throbbing area with garlic paste and throbbing slowed . After an hour, it stopped. So, gatlic works! But the form of garlic dictates the speed of relief.


The vanilla extract and the bread was the solution for me as well; I tried pretty much everything else on here with little or no results! Thanks!


This worked well for me, pain is gone unless I poke at the tooth. Rinsed with hot water, sea salt and garlic powder for ~5-7 minutes. This reduced the pain enough that I could now tell where it was coming from. Still hurt though so I tried bread soaked in vanilla extract directly on each side of the aching area for ~3-5 minutes. I look forward to sleep now and a more graceful dental visit tomorrow.

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