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Woke up at 2am with a massive toothache and didnt even know what tooth it was coming from, so first thing
I took 200mg ibuprofen and instantly googled home remedies, first thing i tried was garlic/salt in a glass of hot water and swished that around and tried to hold it on the hurting side, than i dipped a piece of bread in vanilla extract and held it on the suspected tooth and about 5 min later the pain started fading. Now i am pretty much pain free. I dont know which of those tricks was what did it, but the combination is working thus far!! Good luck and goodnight!

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Thank you for your post!!! When I first read it I thought what did I wake up @ 2 am and start a post with out remembering? This is exactly what happen to me and thanks to your post I got some sleep it worked great and again TY!!!


This did work but I do think it was the three aleve
I took with it.


i only have salt.wat shud i do?? -_-


DO I need to crouched the garlic?

Jon from Ind

Thank u so much....really worked on my wife


Another 2am story, I have been in and out of sleep for hours due to tooth ache, panadol not working - felt stupid doing this but I'm pain free right now and can't wait to get some sleep THANK YOU THANK YOU


The bread soaked in vanilla extract placed all around/over my sore tooth worked wonders for me! Thank you for your post!


I took your advice & it works wonder. Thanks.


Thanks worked wonders for my wife


Horrible tooth ache! Tried the garlic idea...but a little twist.. I used garlic paste. The throbbing calmed. But not a total relief. I'm about to try the clove.

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