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Agreeing with a previous unnamed poster -

It dawned on me one day, that the old advice of cutting a notch in the end of the nail, made little sense - since the nail is an arch from start to end...the strategic way to weaken that arch, (and thereby relieve the pressure), is to thin about a 1/4 - 1/3 inch strip of the middle of the entire (hardened) nail, and this is most easily accomplished with a small file.

Taking care not to file all the way through...but rather about half way through the thickness of the nail.

This weakens the arch, and allows the edges of the nail to 'lift' (and relieve that downward pressure) much more easily, than trying to pry up the edges of a nail which is a stongly formed arch...usually after careful filing of the middle strip, no manual, mechanical lifting of the edges is even necessary - they are alleviated by the weakened arch of the nail itself.

File a narrow strip from just in front of where the nail begins - straight, all the way to the tip of the nail. Evenly removing approxiametely 1/2 the thickness of the nail.

If top of filed nail rubs inside footware, pad with small piece of gauze , etc.

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I have to say, I NEVER post or reply to blogs! However this one 'BLESSED ME!'
I had surgery in 1979 to fix ingrown on big toe. Didn't come back until 2010, (I'm now 54). I thought I would try a home remedy, (skeptical) before going to get surgery again.
For 2 weeks in a row, I applied a liberal amount of Tigerbalm, covered with a cotton bandaid while sleeping. I did however 'score' the exact middle of toenail (about 1/4') with my Dremel tool. Keep in mind, this hurt so bad I only wore shoes to work, and could not even slightly bump it without going through the roof! I scored the toenail just enough to feel a groove in the nail, not to the nail bed.
2 days ago, I got up from the couch, bumped my toe on footstool expecting to scream in pain? WOW! It WORKED!!! Unreal! The dynamics of the nail being an 'arch' (I'm an engineer, ARCH - In Greek means 'Strength at the highest point')makes all sense! Relieve the arch and the sides HAVE to pull up! Give it shot! Worked for me, I am eternally grateful!!! :)


My Mom taught me this trick when I was younger! It works every time!


Am glad post proved helpful Jeff.

Am thankful to The Lord, and for these words of encouragement -

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraids not; and it shall be given him. ~ James 1:5


I am grateful for this trick you works!!! I used the Pedi Paws filing drum (battery operated) to file down the center of the nail, easy as pie...then soaked it awhile in warm salt water, then pry the edge up a bit and put a tiny bit of cotton under the nail for a couple of days, pain gone!! And nail straightened out, growing out. Thanks so much!!


Have used the thinning technique at the toe nail base for over 40 years with great success. Thin the nail enough to feel results within 6-12 hours and if not then I thin a little more. My nail technician uses her Dremel on my nails now that I have taught her the technique but for years I just bought cheap emery boards and cut them in half length wise. Perfect width for thinning the nail left to right. Works like a charm, just make sure you don't file all the way through the nail.


Hey guys; couple of questions before I plunge. I know this trick worked for my dad, but I tend to mess things up so I don't want to take chances.

- Bit confused by anonymous poster who talks about filing "left to right". Aren't I supposed to make a "groove" lengthwise (i.e. parallel to toe, perpendicular to cuticle)?

- Jeff you worry me; when you say it hurt so much you couldn't wear socks; to be clear you mean BEFORE the filing? Does the filing itself temporarily increase pain? I can't take much more!

Don't know if anyone will read this; but this is my plan let me know if I'm about to hurt myself

1) will soak in magnesium sulfate with water (epsom salt)

2) will start by filing a 1/4 inch wide groove on toenail lengthwise, from cuticle to tip

3) will go easy at first; only deep enough so i can feel a dip when i run finger left to right

Because this situation arose from me losing a nail, and it's growing back very thick, I think I may need more than one go.

Jeff: thank you so much for taking the time. very helpful post.


... I meant JJ. Both Jeff and JJ!

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