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A year or so ago, noticed three red bites/spots on stomach, in a line, about an inch apart from each other...and with some anxiety concluded they were likely bed bug bites, and that I had likely, inadvertantly brought bed bug(s) home and was now being 'fed upon'.

Since, 'natural remedies' are preferred - did a web search for such and bed bugs - found reference to food grade diatomaceous earth as being a 'natural mechanical insecticide'.

Then purchased some (Amazon) and poured into empty Boric acid 'dusting bottle' (which allegedly doesn't work well on bed bugs - the boric acid), and dusted under and around bed and mattress...and haven't had any more bites since.

Also helpful in many other ways, so much so, that I'm now glad my anxiety led me to it's 'discovery' on the internet.

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Yes, diatomaceous earth is quite effective bed bug pesticide to eliminate bed bugs from our homes. I have heard a lot about it from my friends and found good reviews about it on the web as well. DE is also one of the most popular bed bugs controls chemical.

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