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I have 6 kids all who suffered constipation and blockages sometimes because of hairballs.babies pull their hair or yours and their hands always go in their mouths.especially if you have pets.get a 4 oz bottle with regular Drinking water.add a teaspoon of strawberry jello and warm it up.for babies 5 months to 1 yr old use a half cap of miralax and add to the jello water then feed it will take a few hours but the jello solidifies around the stool making it slimy and slides out.

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concerned grandma

I was looking for a natural remedy for my grandbaby and saw your post. I have a concern about introducing jam, jelly or jello that may have dyes or artificial ingredients. Aren't those things linked with the development of hyperactivity and allergies?

Kiki Yong

My baby is now about 5 months old already and having problems with her bowel since a week ago. So heartache whenever i see her crying out loud as her stomach harden up.. I really dont know what to do, asking around for advice from friends and relatives, all they say is just ask me to feed her with more water. And some ask me to give her some sort of chinese medicine which dont seem to have any effect at all. Anyone has better constipation child treatment solution??? Pls help me out here.


@Kiki Yong

Did you bring your kid to see doctor?? bcos the my sister brought her kid to doctor when he was still 1 years old plus due to constipation. My nephew was having major abdominal pain and cried alot that time.


im not sure is it work on your child but it is work on me.
mayb my child has only mild constipation, i gave him has some fruits and chinese herb, he is now back to normal.. glad!

Kiki Yong


I came back and read the convo and realized that I had typos! My LO is 25 months already haha. sorry for the mistakes. Btw I didnt not bring to the doctor as I'm trying not to feed her with medicine unless really left with no option, i would prefer more natural ways perhaps??


Many traditional remedies are not working actually... Parents should seek proper remedy to test out.. Don't simply test out on your own child... I tried some traditional remedies i found online for my first child, ended up in the hospital. Nearly had a heart attack. For my 2nd child I really look for those proven remedies, don play play with your child's health.


@Kiki Yong

As for constipation baby treatmentI think its because of the formula u gave to ur DD. I used to have such problems with my DD until a friend of mine which is an experienced mother with two kids already told me about there's a problem with the formula i used to feed my child. At first when i switch to Mamil formula just for the sake solving my child's constipation problem. Ended up my DD drinking it until now which is already 5 years old hahaha. Ever since no more constipation problem already. I suggest u to try Mamil and see the difference in a week time, u'll be surprised. This formula has highest level of DHA and contains no sugar, most important is Mamil can prevent constipation in our LO. Hope it works for u!


Mamil can work anot?? I rmb hearing not so good comment about Mamil for babies wor. They say can cure constipation but still same only.


I have never heard of babies having hairballs! I washed my children and grandchildrens hards constantly, the only way this could happen is if the parents are unclean. This is total filth, how could a child have a handful of hair and not be noticed?

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