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I have suffered with strep for litterally years before finding out that it was what I'd so often had. Now my son gets it too. I believe that constant bouts of strep are a good sign that the intestinal flora is out of balance. If you look at the full spectrum proabotics they have streptococcus bacteria in them. Believe it or not we are all carriers. I was having an extreem bout of it and studied up on natural antibacterial herbs. Cinnamon is one. For a never fail remedy for strep suck on cinnamon disks. If it's bad you'll think you've put hell fire in your mouth, but by the second one it will be better. In fact i have used this remedy repeatedly over about a six month period and haven't had it in about another six. Give it a try, it works better than antibiotics and it doesn't screw the intestinal flora up even more.

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Are you talkin the candy cinnamon disks?

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