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Hey everyone. First off, I wanted to thank you all for the valuable information! Because of what I read here I tried ACV and tea tree oil and wanted to share what I learned. I made a few mistakes that I figured you guys could avoid.

People seem to have the fastest results when leaving the AVC on/in over night the first time they use it. Don't do several short sessions. The first time you do it is the least painful so take advantage of that. Wish I had! Put Vaseline on FIRST because the ACV also burns skin around the infected areas and the Vaseline reduces irritation. Come morning the warts should be totally white, grey, or even black. If you wake up in the middle of the night in horrid pain take the ACV off and rinse the area. Put tea tree oil on with a Q-tip and you’ll have instant relief due to the cooling effect.

From this point on, put the tea tree oil on as often as you possibly can. If your skin can tolerate it, you can also do another around of ACV but chances are you won’t be able too. I had too many open wounds from the ACV to put more on. However, you can dab ACV on around the wounds if you are careful. I did this a few times but stuck solely with tea tree oil for about a day and a half after a day of ACV Almost all the skin down there is dead now and starting to clear up wart-free. Something else I did was took a hot bath with 2 cups of ACV and half a bottle of tea tree oil in the water. Do NOT give into temptation to put more ACV in the water.. I ended up dumping 2 quarts in and the half of my body submerged in water got burnt. Ha!

Anyway, both of these home remedies work very well and if you are worried about the warts returning, just wipe some tea tree oil down there once a week or so  I can almost guarantee you’ll never see warts again especially if you maintain your health.

P.S. I took garlic supplements during this regiment. Garlic boosts your immune system. I use it every time I get sick but now I’ll keep it permanently in my diet to prevent further breakouts.

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AVC really works! Two weeks ago after trimming my bikini line, I noticed two small bumps on my vagina lip. I applied acv to a cotton ball and securely kept it in place with a wide bandage making sure no air could get it. Thee was no burning whatsoever. I kept it there for 24 hours, them removed it and repeated the same process again, this time keeping it there for about 8 hours. Next day, I was wart free. In fact, acv works great on skin that had turned dark. It lightens dark skin. Great product....and the results have been a stress reliever!


Thank you so much for your info. I put tea tree oil over night and the next morning all of them were white. I waited about 3 hours put another cotton ball dipped in tea tree oil for 4 hours showered and they were flaking away! The next night I put it on again and by the morning little black chunks were all falling off! Now I'm on my third night an they all seem to be gone! I want to do one more treatment to make sure I kill it all. But my skin is pretty irritated. Any idea how to keep my skin around the warts from being so tender and stop pealing ?


Stacie, I am new to this as I was just diagnosed two days ago with these nasty buggers. ...My dr did a freezing treatment on Friday when I was at the dr office. They have hurt so immensely since having that done. ...My ex husband used to swear by using Vitamin E for recurrent warts he used to get on his hands as a teenager. ...I realize we are dealing with two different things here, but I decided the Vit E is worth a try in between my freezing treatments at the dr. If anything, for pain relief. I went and bought Vit. E capsules today - 200 IU per capsule. I punctured them with a pin and put the Vit E on my lesions and it was the first pain relief I have had in over 48 hours! It felt so good to have that pain go away. I am also hoping that it helps with getting rid of the lesions too, not just pain relief! So, I would give that a try for some pain relief. ...I have since found out that you can find Vit E in liquid, bottled form at the health food/vitamin shops/organic section store. I didn't know that or I would have bought that, as it would have been easier than puncturing the capsules. But that is only a minor inconvenience. And I would buy it at a health food/vitamin store to get a good quality Vitamin E.

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