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Drink lots of hot green tea, it will take away your cold right away, if you drink, 3-4 cups for the next two days. Don't forget to rest!

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The problem with drinking to much green tea however is that your urinary tract is effected. There is an ingredient in the green that if consumed in large doses like 3-4 cups a day can cause discomfort in urination


Uhh. Well yesterday I drank about 6 1/2 cups of this stuff, and my urinary track wasn't really affected. There is just an ingredient that makes you pee a lot, that's it. It did make me feel better though with a combination of some advil. Though, the next day I had to do it all over again.


No ingredient in green tea has ever given me problems w/ my urninary tract even when I drank it all day long and I'd have to guess that was about 8-10 helps you urinate more which is very helpful because it is also taking bad stuff w/ it helping you recover more quickly


I am adicted to green tea. I drink it every day like 10 times a day and my urinary whatever is just fine!!!!!!!


It's a diuretic, so it makes you expel waster, and urinate often. That's part of the reason it helps, if you drink water and green tea alternately it helps flush you out.


Green tea has caffeine in it, so if you drink a lot, it will make you urinate more. Not a problem if you're used to drinking a lot of it because your body is accustomed to it. It's good to flush out your system when you're sick, so a few extra trips to the bathroom is not a bad thing.

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