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too all of you girls out there who are there who are struggling with stretch marks.. ive struggled so much with them lately they made me so uncomfortable and self conscious.. im 13 and i felt so out of place.. even get dressed in the locker rooms was sooo intimidating and in one night i pretty much cleared up all of my stretch marks! i had them on my hips and they were deep purple and red and super noticeable so i found an amazing home idea that cleared them up over night! i just found some old vicks vapor rub i had in the closet and rubbed it all over all my marks then put a piece of cling wrap all the way around my hips then put on tight leggings and left it on overnight and when i woke up! POOF gone!hope this helps(:

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So they just magically disappeared overnight?


Thank u very much ^-^


thanks so much!!


Does this really work


Has anyone else tried this?

Thelson Sandiford

You fucking mad,is because you skunt white have been using something else and that day was the result of using whatever it so stop FUCKING LYING...


This worked for me over the course of a week though i did see a change the next morning in the appearance they went from purple to pink so I would say it works. It was the only thing I did, no lotions, no exfoliating, no crap. I didn't use cling wrap though I just put it on after a shower and walked around naked Til it mostly dried and then went to sleep in tight clothes


does it HAVE to be an OLD vapor rub?


wats Vicks vapor


Kindly tell me how much plastic i have to wrap.. Are your stretch marks fresh. I have stretch on several parts of my body. They are too. now they are white in color with little deeper. I am just curious to know about whether vicks vaporub helps in removing old stretch marks too. I am a resident of India. I also want to know how much cling wrap is wrapped. I have seen a video. in this video, the lady is wrapping too much. Is she right.kindly let me know.

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