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Mix in a 1 or 2 oz. glass bottle with a glass dropper the following-
5 parts distilled water
2 parts pure organic honey
1 part apple cider vinegar

Lay down and put 1 drop in one eye and roll eye around. Then do the same for the other eye. This relieves red, irritated eyes, and gets yuk out. Refrigerate solution.

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My eye has felt irritated for weeks.. Coming and going, but in the same general area. I used the solution, it burned for a few seconds and the amazingly all the irritation was gone! I'm amazed!


It worked pretty well for me! It stings a lot when you put in your eye, but after a while, it gets better. My eye is still red, but I feel much, much better than with any other eye drops.


Yep same for me. Get the proportions right and its great. Mine came right after a big spring Texas rain, First time only right eye was red and puffy then got light sensitive. Worked great.Second time 2 weeks later left eye same thing. Worked again.


I tried this... and it burned like H3!! for a good 15 seconds. I can't say it helped much. 30 mins later and it feels a bit more irritated, it's just not watering as much. Still very sensitive to light. I followed directions perfectly.


This worked great :-) it washes out all the makeup, dust and makes them feel much better.

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