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My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, he is on meds to keep it in check. Two times we went to Hospital with swear abdominal pain for which he had to be put on narcotic pain killer injections every 3-4 hours.
Now this is what happened not one time but 2 times that I noticed his pain started to disappear and he became his nortmal self got off the narcotic pain med.
In Aryuvedic terms, when body gets too hot (Pitta), some conditions flare up.
This makes a lot of sense. Certain foods taken different ways will deliver different results.
Yogurt by itself does not become a coolant for your body until it is stirred/whipped with some water.
Same thing goes for Ginger. Fresh ginger by itself cut up and stir fried into your food will actually be good for you but if you happen to use say Ginger powder, it might just increase Pitta/Heat of your body.
Two time when I gave him Yogurt shake, by next day, noticed he did not need the narcotic pain killer.
Hope this is helpful.

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