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Try Virgin coconut oil. Take about 2 tablespoons 3 times a day during an attack. This got miracle results for my sister who had gone to 2 doctors and still was in such pain from shingles she couldn't get out of bed let alone work. On a Sunday I told her to try the coconut oil and when I called her on Wednesday she told me she had gone back to work. A year later she had another attack and I reminded her about the coconut oil and it again took care of the shingles. Now she takes a tbsp a day of coconut oil and has had no more problems. I am her twin sister. We both had chicken pox as kids. I've been taking 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil a day for a long time and never had shingles. By the way, I discovered it because I had used it for weight loss years ago. Check it out online. Good luck.

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For the Blisters - do the following for IMMEDIATE relief and rid mine in 24hours.

Make Camomile Tea, let it brew, while warm, pour some onto folded thick tissue paper and apply to area, repeat and repeat.
it cleared mine on forhead and the remainder i poured through hair to protect scalp as could feel some in head. Cleared blisters in 24 hours - honestly, I am still poorly with the virus but it has stopped blister spreadinf and scarring.


Are you eating it?? or putting it on the rash? Im attempting to put it on my rash/ blisters

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