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Tea Tree Oil! I was up in the middle of the night looking online for something to provide relief for a toothache preventing sleep. Unfortunately I didn't have many of the ingredients I saw people commonly recommending. I remembered that I had recently bought tea tree oil and looked up if others had tried that for toothache pain and found some that had. I tried it and got relief within 5 minutes and was able to go to sleep!

Here's my remedy: take Tea Tree oil (make sure it is 100% tea tree oil) and dip a q-tip into it. Rub the q-tip along the gum of the problem tooth and on top of the tooth itself.

IMPORTANT: Tea Tree oil is not meant to be ingested (swallowed) so take care to not swallow it even though the amount on a q-tip will be very small. Also, it is going to taste terrible but that is a small price to pay if it take away the pain.

During the next few minutes, I spit out the saliva gathering in my mouth so as not to ingest it. Then I rinsed my mouth out with luke warm water and went to bed. The pain continued to decrease over the next couple minutes and I was able to go to sleep for the rest of the night! I was surprised how well and how quickly it worked and wanted to share.

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Wow thanks so much I seen some tea tree oil the other day in my dress and didn't think nothing of it until tonight my tooth was killing me I seen your post and it helped it taste like crap but the pain is going away thanks

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