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If any one says you can't cure a UTI on your own , it is a lie ! You can most defintely flush it out on your own!Some make take a little bit of time and some may not depending on the amount of water your drinking !
I got my first ever UTI recently on my week of finals !worst timing ever.I was so scared and in the worst pain of my life crying every time i went to the bathroom, getting fevers and chills in class.I had it for a bout a week before i actually went to the store to buy something for it , i bought a over the counter cream for yeast infections but it didn't seem to help much desperate to get rid of this UTI i later bought cranberry juice for Urinary tract infections, after using these both for about 5 days i felt completely better BUT the next day the pain came back ! IT had been 2 weeks since ive had this infection, so i did some research since i couldnt go to the docs at the time.I found out about apple cyder veniger. I drunk a class of water with 2 teaspoons of acv and put a little of honey in and it made me feel so much better instantly.The pain completely left I did this for about a week, the pain came back after the next day but less painful everytime..It had been 3 weeks since ive had this infection and i was so scared it was going to stay there although it had gotten so much better..So i decided to go to the docs.The nurse told me their was a little bit of bacteria found and i might have flushed out on my own so i might not need to get an antibiotic.Moral of the story is you can flush it out on your own and it is possible.I just needed a little more time.ACV is key.

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How often do you drink the water with the ACV?



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