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Approach that seems most sensible is using fine tweezers or lacking those, skilled finger nails to grab tick as close to head as possible, avoiding any squeezing of it's body and pulling out slowly and steadily, without twisting or wrenching.

Then using a suction device like 'The Extractor' (sold in camping stores, and Walmart), suck out the bite site for a bit, then apply antiseptic.

Also, moderate heating of the bite site may kill bacteria/micro organisms.

After tick has been removed, one may also sterilize the bite by heating the spot where bitten to the point of being rather uncomfortable, but not quite blistering hot, with any number of things ( match, lighter, piece of burning incense, a lit cigarette, glowing ember, side of a heated vessel, hot piece of metal, incandescent light bulb, a few strategically placed drops of alcohol lit up and allowed to burn for a second or two before patting out, etc., etc.)

Key for most of these is to get hot object close for brief amout of time.

Usually use an in and then back away as soon as it hurts, if done repeatedly, (a few times), it will start to not hurt much anymore, that's usually far enough, because the nerve endings are then desensatized/deactivated and it's too easy to overdo it once the pain is no longer present.

Have used this 'heat method' numerous times to sterilize small infected or worrisome wounds/bites.

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um, wtf?

Nurse W

No!! Coming at your child or pet with a burning instrument not only will cause extreme pain and skin damage, but you run the risks of lighting the skin, hair afire, and have an even larger emergency on your hands! Also, do not pour toxic chemicals on the skin of your loved ones in attempt to remove a tick. Do not use nail polish remover, nail polish, bleach or any other corrosive, toxic chemical! If a blood borne bacteria was getting in, it was already placed when the tick nicked a blood supply. Flame or chemical burning will only further damage the already open area. Trying something like vinegar, citronella, a drop of dish soap, or other natural or non-toxic agents will likely get the effect you're looking for and the only trip to the doc needed will be if you develop signs of infection or various tick related illnesses.


This method sounds tortuous and ridiculous. What are you ? A sadist? What a crock of crap. Put heat on the site . OMG. Please people, don't listen to this sick f@$k. You should be reported.

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