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My remedy for toothache pain!!!
This actually works...
So I have this gaping hole in the top part of my molar all the way in the back on the bottom right...
And I looked on this site for remedies and tried a few... But I tweaked one of the recipes and made one of my own

So here it is... The best thing you can do is crush a baby aspirin in a corner of a sandwich baggy and some salt and then a few drops of vanilla extract to make a paste... Now, you can apply this paste directly to the effected area but for me i needed it on the nerve of the tooth and i needed it to last so I tore the corner off of a paper towel and rolled it then dipped the end into the paste and with a giant glob on the ends i stuck the piece of paper towel in the hole in my tooth and the pain was gone instantly (within five minutes) and it's been almost 4 hours later and the pain is still gone... It started 2:00 am saturday morning and I made it all the way to monday without bad pain now it's time to see a dentist

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Thanks for the advise; my pain stopped immediately; it works


This is the one that works! Used the almond extract though because it worked on its own for a bit


I have a hole in my molar all the back on the bottom right and the nerve is about to kill me. I've been taking ipbeprofen and the knock off brand. It stops for a little but but comes back... I gargle mouthwash all the time and I lose so much sleep trying to get it to go away, hopefully this will work thanks for the advice


My pain stopped but i had to reply ova night thanks


I have the exact same issue, and have been rinsing with ice cold water to keep it at bay, and this DID work!! thank you so much!!


I tried this with two grape children's aspirin and really helped


OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH you saved my night with this. I tried EVERYTHING from Tylenol extra strength, prescribed acetaminophen(back to back in less than 5mn), salt water, Listerine original and nothing, absolutely nothing worked but when I tried this it def worked and I was able to go to sleep. Thank you so much!


OMG This so worked. I felt like I was going to go out of my mind it hurt so bad. I went from an 8 to a 1 pain level almost instantly. I followed up with some dentex since I have a hole in the tooth next to my eye tooth so the nerve was exposed. I will pass this tip to friends and family.

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