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Have had back trouble on and off for many years. Find that a routine of stretching ligaments (especially hamstrings) and toning muscles (particularly the abdominals) helps much.

One favorite - is an inversion table where one hangs upside down by the ankles for a bit, then stretch side to side, and grasp hands alternatively behind back, then slowly reach up and grab bar by feet and straighten knees (if not too painful) hold for a minute (this usually causes a moderate 'disc or vertabrae adjustment') then slowly go back down and do about ten upside down sit-ups, then slowly go flat (horizontal) resting for a bit, then rising to near vertical, and grabing sides do slowly but firmly do a 'spinal twist' to one side then the other, which usually procures a pressure relieving 'pop' or two...and then my back is much less likely to 'go out'...long as routine is adhered to fairly regularly.
And I mind well my posture , which failing to do so, appears to be mainly how back trouble started, back in 'high school',(did a lot of slouching due to not liking being 'cooped up').

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