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Wash face thoroughly and pat dry. Using 100% cotton ball and 3% hydrogen peroxide lightly rub upward on the face. Let dry, then apply using a very SMALL amount of organic 100% extra virgin olive oil covering the face and neck. Works wonders.

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I have read that hydrogen peroxide will cause free radical damage to skin. I am not sure if it is true or not, but definitely look into it before following this routine.


thank you for that warning on the peroxcide, i was thinking the same thing! So thank you alot!!!


please don't try this tip because hydrogen peroxide is a very strong chemical it can damage your skin.Easiest remedy to remove wrinkles is to massage coconut oil on face before going to bed thae wash it in the morning or by simply applying a vitamin A me it works .


You can replace the hydrogen peroxide with white vinegar. I use this and it works great.The white vinegar also takes away any discoloration due to sun damage.


Here is the warning on my bottle of peroxide. Keep away from eyes product may burn the skin.Open with care keep away from face.
I would not reccomend trying it it burns the skin something that women use tho bleach their hair will burn the skin.


This comment is crazy. 3% hydrogen Per. needs to be diluted in water 11 to 1. Whoever wrote that is out to lunch. I don't know if it works for wrinkles, but it works for acne--diluted, that is.


Hydrogen peroxide is used for severe acne only. DO NOT use for an anti-aging remedy, it actually speeds up the aging process.


I have used Witch Hazel for many years.

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