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Was having bit of a problem with little fruit like flies getting inside house, the kind that like to buzz the PC monitor, used to spray them with rubbing alcohol, but didn't fully get rid of them...then tried dusting some food scraps, with food grade diatomaceous earth, (that were waiting to go out to the compost pile), which attracked the little buggers...and once they crawled over the dusted scraps they are/were no more...haven't seen one in quite some time.

Stuff works exceptionally well on most every insect long they crawl over it, and it stays relatively dry... is also non-toxic to pets and people.

Suggest further reasearch - the stuff
is useful/helpful in so many ways, not expensive either. About $2 a lb. if bought in bulk, as of last year.

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Make sure you get FOOD GRADE DE, not the DE used in pool filters, which is not safe. You can take food grade DE internally to detox and clean it your digestive system, dust your pets with it to kill fleas, sprinkle onto carpets and upholstery (also for fleas), and much more. Just be careful that neither you nor your animals inhale it, as the dust is very fine and can cause lung problems.

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