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The cause of my sense of being overwhelmed to the point of being under a 'cry and scream out loud attack', has several distinct possible causes...Such as a blood related toxicity, mercury poisoning, chemical imbalance, possible brain tumor, etc.

But the one which appears to stand out the most, is suffering from having a bad conscience towards God.

This is normally obtained by coming to an understanding that something is sinful, or seriously wrong, and then through being weak/vulnerable to temptation, finding out that in spite of apparently 'knowing better', guiltiness still prevailed over me in that very thing(s).

Being rather stuck in such a 'defeated' state, appears to create an ever present apprehensiveness which allows for even minor additional trials to impress and impose as being absolutely, unavoidably overwhelming.

There's a couple of verses which speaks of this -

For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins,
But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. ~ Hebrews 10:26+27

I'm convinced that this continued episodic, extreme discomforting is meant to vividly underscore our need to more fully give ourselves over to The Lord, and submit to the mortification of our sinful self, trusting that such will also lead to our being raised up anew...which is what full immersion water baptism conveys.

Now some try to console, with words like, 'nobody's perfect', or 'you're too hard on your self', or 'God loves you just the way you are.' But the spirit inside me recoils at the spirit of these consolations, sensing that they are largely designed to encourage the accepting of a life of defeat; rather than avidly pursuing the life of an overcomer in Christ...even though it is a 'strait and narrow' way.

And now, it appears that, after no short, nor little ordeal with afore mentioned 'attacks', that the message is finally sinking in to the core, and even as apprehension abounded while being blatantly at odds with what was understood to be right, the sense of wondrous and peaceful joy abounds even more, as a greater measure of obedience is realized. Whew! Thanks Lord!

Hope this encourages others, in a good way, who are facing a similar struggle.

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Number one, not jesus at all helping you. It's the chemicals in your brain winding down and being like 'yup that was crazy, what were we freaking out about again?'. Take a pill, talk to somebody or deep breaths. Jesus can't save you from your chemical inbalances. If he did, why would he give them to you in the first place.


Bulls33t I have anxiety and its only gotin this bad since I had my 1st born 11yrs ago . To add to that the bible bashing crud don't help anybody unless they are actually churches . And for years the anxiety has now also caused me to start getting seizure's , so to you poster of biblical false crud maybe you should go seek help for your delusional mind set and stay away from people that actually may need serious medical help . B vits are good , so is chamomile tea , avoid caffeine ( 2-3 cups a day ok ) , don't have more than 3 energy drinks a week , get as much sleep as you can ( 6hrs atleast a night ) Try the breathing tactics of closing eyes , lying down breathing in nose out mouth and visualize that you are relaxing from the toes up to your head , keep it up for 10mins or so . Alternatively go speak with a dr and see about a medication to help block the triggers in brain that send you into attacks .

Stellar Girl

Wow! For those of you who took this/that and say you got better only to bash a man for his spiritual beliefs is sad.There's no need for anger towards him for what you cannot-do not-or, refuse to identify with.The way the Universe works scientifically or otherwise is what you believe/covet you ultimately create. So, do you & allow others to do the same -the harsh judgements. Love rules!!!


Thank you jesusdoesntsave.....I was thinking the exact same thing


Thank you so much for posting this and congrats on overcoming your panic and anxiety attacks. I felt relieved reading your post and especially when you referred to focusing on the overcomer in Christ. I'm sure God wants us to overcome our fears and anxieties and to live in peace, love and happiness all the days of our lives. And I hope and pray it's granted upon us all. I've come to realize that I don't have to be afraid of anything or anyone God is the one we all have to love and God will make a way for us to feel strong and healthy and of course God will always take care of us all. Thanks to God

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