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All righty then...

Had relatively noticable thick + yellow pinky toe nails and happened to take to liberally pouring baking soda in boots, because was hiking Appalachian Trail and boots were getting 'funky'.

Well, it did help with the stink, etc. (though a bit rough on the inner leather), but as an unexpected and pleasant surpise - my pinky toenails were once again thin and clear looking!

This took place over approxiametely several weeks of repeated use, during a particularly wet/rainy stretch through northern states.

Also, have heard that certain essential oils will cure nail fungus if applied daily for many days (depending on how bad a case), and those oils - to name the few that come to mind, are tea tree, oregano, and neem.

With neem reportedly being the easiest to tolerate, (some have reactions to tea tree, and oregano), though neem allegedly has a 'not so nice smell'.

And since nail fugus is of a stubborn nature, one probably has to use oils at full strength, if tolerable.

Best to try a little bit at first to see how well it's tolerated.

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