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Have had a little trouble with zits over the years, and found a few ways of dealing with them, which helped...

Walmart, and possibly others sell a suction device called 'The Extractor'.
(Found in the 'camping section' of 'Sporting Goods' area.)

It's designed to suck venom out of stings and bites....but have used it for sucking infectious bloody pus etc. out of zits, and puncture wounds...even used it, and larger homemade device to draw out gunk and greatly assist in healing of a sizable sore which was likely a touch of MRSA, a bad spider bite, or some kind of 'flesh eating bacteria'.

If the zit, or bite is on face/ sensative area, use caution...for device creates strong suction, and too much can overly damage skin and underlying tissue. But one can regulate how strong the suction is by how far the plunger is pulled back before shoving all the way forward.

Typical, for small to medium spots, I will keep device in place for only around 10-20 seconds, if the site is ready to release it's infection, the clear cup (of which there are several sizes) will be seen to fill up...try to keep goo from entering main body of device...if some gets in there rinse out quickly with rubbing alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide or even fresh water.

Usually after several brief consecutive 'suckings' the zit, or puncture wound, feels noticably less painful to the touch, indicating that the infection has mostly been extracted...sometimes the infection will return and one can repeat process; but surrounding skin and tissue can only tolerate well a modest amount of stress from the 'suckings'...

Which gives place for a couple of alternative/gentler approaches: specifically, making a paste of pure water and - either a probiotic (beneficial bacteria) pill/contents of capsule; or a paste of food grade diatomaceous earth. Both apparently have the ability to counteract 'bad bacterium'.

Other than that - dietary, and sanitary measures can be very helpful as a preventative measure for many.

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