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I am so glad I found this page, I've tried most of the stuff that is listed in here.

*rubbing alcohol.

*Lemon juice


*Cut coffee



But I use the vinegar that someone posted and it worked like MAGIC, it is unbelievable, I even cut the use of deodorant, to make sure it was working.

Thanks so much for sharing this, my 2014 will be much better without be worried and sniffing my armpits.

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i also have used and its magical....thanks for sharing it


Hi jessica just a quick question, did you mix the apple cider vinegar with water or did you just use an undiluted one and applied it with a cotton ball?


One question please we have to use daily or only once?


What is the mix amount on plz thank you


Which vinegar??


my daughter has had armpit problem fr 5yrs old she now 7 her dad has the same problem can I use this on her do I mix it with water


I've used both apple cider and white vinegar but neither worked. Plain baking soda worked though. I just mixed 3 parts baking soda to one part water in the bath and then a little dusting after. Works like a charm.

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