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Roger Handley

I suffered from outbreaks of hives for years. I still have white scars on my forearms where I scratched without relief. The dermatologist told me that stress was the problem, but the stress ended and the hives continued. I finally kept a journal of where I went, what I did, and what I ate each day. Eventually I discovered that drinking tea was the cause of my hives. If I drink tea for several days, I have hives; if not, I don't. It wasn't easy finding the cause, but living without hives is a blessing!

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for me, it was cranberry juice. Never had hives in my life till I tried to switch from unhealth soda pop to healthy cranberry juice. Stopped drinking it, they went away.


i got my hives not from an allergic reaction, but from henna tattoo ink getting into my cut.


i got my hives from henna tattos ink getting into my cut, ive tried alot of stuff but doesnt work, and my hives are starting to trace of my tattoo spot.


Hives are caused by allergy, not by how 'healthy' or 'unhealthy' something is for you. You can be allergic to anything. Allergies are an improper immune system reponse where your body starts attacking a benign substance, treating it like a threat. For instance, poster #1 reacted to cranberries, which most people are fine with, but their immune system identifies it as a harmful substance. Do not be fooled by thinking hives are caused by being unhealthy, and that being more healthy, e.g. by taking vitamins or eating better, will cause your hives to go away. Your hives won't go away until you avoid the substance that is triggering them, or in the rare event your body decides that the substance is no longer harmful. Allergies have a tendency to come and go, one day you might be fine with something, the next it's giving you hives/diarrhea/vomiting/etc, a whole myriad of problems for what seems like no reason at all, and vice versa. Its a very interesting and annoying problem. If you can't find out what is triggering your allergies, you might want to see a doctor who can prescribe you an antihistamine you can take everyday.

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